American Transportation

Award Winners Reflect A Changing Industry

The high business achievers point to a American transportation sector shifting toward new players and innovators as the old ways fade from the scene.

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — The LCT Operator of the Year Awards turn 30 this year, as it caps three decades of calling out the high performers who run luxury ground transportation companies. The LCT Magazine awards program draws out the latest and best practices of doing business, which we’ll be featuring more of in the coming months. At the annual LCT Awards Celebration on Feb. 18, sponsored by Ford/Lincoln Limousine & Livery Vehicles, LCT recognized six operations in the exhibit hall of the annual International LCT Show in the Sands Expo at the Venetian. It was hosted by LCT general manager Jim Luff and Global Ground Transportation Institute executive director Sarah Gazi.

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For the first time, LCT opened all fleet American transportation awards categories to operators based outside of the U.S. as well, reflecting the growing participation of international operators in the ILCT Show and in the industry overall. The winners this year brought refreshing new faces, proving awards are not relegated to legacy and longtime industry figures. LCT Operator of the Year 1-10 Vehicles: Guri Rajput Seattle Royal Town Car & Limo, Seattle, WA Rajput believes in the power of stellar customer service. When clients call, they don’t get a prompt to click a number to speak with someone; they get the office staff directly. This operator knows patience is worth the payoff. Even if a client doesn’t choose to book, he takes the time to answer all their questions on the phone. He says, “A customer may not choose you today, but they will remember that conversation they had with you and that will leave an impression.”

LCT Operator of the Year honorees are judged by an esteemed panel and evaluated on all aspects of operations, including customer service, technology, training, media and marketing, safety and community and industry involvement. The recognition of this award means everything to Seattle Royal Town Car, in just a short time, we have proven we are one of the best and strive for excellence. Having received this award gives Seattle Royal Town Car the boosted confidence to show our current and future clients that you truly are traveling with the best in the industry, not just in Seattle but globally.