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Celebrate weddings, birthdays in the Washington with style and excitement. With numerous options for unforgettable parties, from Wild Waves Theme Park for families to shows at the Washington Performing Arts and Event Center for teens and adults, there’s something for everyone. No matter the activity, ensure your guests arrive together in style with a Seattle bus rental from  us. 

Buses boast ample capacity for your entire group, experienced and CDL-certified drivers, and a selection of party buses catering to the size of your group.

How Much is Party Bus for Hourly

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, you require the cost of party buses that will not only be able to accommodate your guests but also offers fun and entertainment on the bus. The party bus rentals offer are outfitted with the most modern technology and equipment, transforming every trip into a memorable experience.

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Here are a few aspects of services that Companies provide with party bus:
  • High-Tech Music Systems – Enjoy yourself in the party vibe with latest music systems.
  • Premium Black Leather Seating – You can relax at any moment by sitting in luxurious Black Leather Seating.
  • Limo-Tinted Windows- Ensure complete security with limo tinted windows.
  • Premium Lighting in a Variety of Colors Create a mood by using high-end lighting options in a range of shades.

If you’re located in or around the USA area, Party Bus Rental in the USA is just a phone call away. Rental Busses provider recommend the party bus service because of one of the reasons listed below:

  • Our drivers are familiar with the roads in the USA area, ensuring an efficient and smooth journey.
  • Up to 34 passengers can be accommodated The buses consultant offer are great for all kinds of groups.
  • The USA area party buses are well maintained, ensuring they are in good condition and ready for your next event.

Experience a truly memorable party with First Class Limo party buses hired in the USA. Contact us now to reserve your unforgettable trip.


Q: How Much is a Party Bus in Washington, USA?


Party bus renting prices are starts from $200 within the Washington cities. It all depends on the requirement you want with more seated or decorated interior. Sitting Sofas and limo bus with single separate sitting will be cost different. 

In Washington, hourly party bus rates are for 3 Hour: $600, 4 Hour: $800 and for 5 Hour: $1000 approximately.

The busses capacity is up to 10 to 50 passengers and you can reserve more mini buses or party vans at once your requirement accordingly.

  • Party Bus Rent from Portland to Seattle is same as like other cities. Hourly rates are vary distance and services accordingly.
  • The party bus with 20, 25, 30 and 50 passengers is different for parties, However, approximately rent is starts from $175 per hour within the city. 
  • Party bus rent from Ferndale to anywhere starts from $125.

Q: How Much is a Party Bus for 5 Hours?


The hourly party bus rate is different in US cities. However, in Washington, hourly rates start from $150 to $350 per hour. The cost for 5 hours of a party bus is approximately $1000-$15000, your passenger seat requirements accordingly.