Looking for an adventure? Do not miss out on the most epic Los Angeles to Seattle road trip you will ever have. The West Coast has endless potential for adventure and the Seattle to LA drive can be your most iconic drive across North America.

The road trip is 1650 miles long and takes about 35 hours of driving. While driving across both routes, there are multiple sites that you wouldn’t want to miss. These attractions include Big Sur, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, Redwood National and State Parks, and Portland.

A Road Trip You Will Never Miss!

If you want to make your Seattle to LA drive memorable, there’s a lot to see. But for that, you will surely need a bit of help. That’s exactly why we are here for you. Read on to learn about the best route options, the five best stops you can take during the drive, and the best limo services you can use for your journey.

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Best Route Options for Your Seattle to LA Drive

If you plan to embark on a Los Angeles to Seattle road trip or want to have that adventurous Seattle to LA Drive, it will take you about four days. But to enjoy it to your fullest, we suggest taking it to two weeks.

You will pass through a lot of scenic spots, forests, and beach towns, and this road trip will take you along the Pacific Coast. With so many places to see, North America has a lot to offer. Don’t forget to stop at every spot and explore for endless fun.

Here’s something we must warn you- no matter which route you take, there’s going to be crazy traffic. You will be passing through some of the popular tourist spots in California, Oregon, and Washington. So, expect lots of traffic, especially along the coast.

There are two routes you can take on your road trip. To enjoy and have the experience of traveling on both routes we suggest taking one for your Seattle to LA drive and the other route on return for your LA to Seattle drive.

The two routes you can take are the inland route and the coastal route. The inland route is way shorter and is about 1200 miles. It will also take less driving time approximately 21 hours and 30 minutes. But, this doesn’t mean it’s not scenic. It is as much adventurous as the coastal route.

If you want to cut off your travel timings, you can ditch the coast and consider driving inland from Portland. 

For both routes, if you don’t have a car of your own, you can book SRTC Limo and have the trip of your life.

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5 Best Stops to Take During Seattle and Los Angeles Journey

Since the road trip is long and offers multiple scenic options, here are the 5 best stops you should explore. You can make several overnight stops along the way as well.

  1. Witness the Sunrise at Big Sur

No place in North America can match the scenery Big Sur has to offer. A stay here is a must for that unforgettable road trip. Big Sur has a lot of luxury hotels, spas, and some of the best foods in all of California. Stay here overnight to watch the Sunrise from the terrace of your hotel, and enjoy beautiful views. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Pfeiffer beach as well.

  1. Hike through Death Valley

If you are not tired and if the weather conditions match your mood, hiking through Death Valley National Park is the best choice you can make on your Seattle to LA Drive. You can enjoy beautiful nature and architectural views and not only this, but you can also stay at a resort and have the experience of your life.

  1. Enjoy Greenery at Yosemite National Park

West Coast has a lot of parks to see but none comes close to Yosemite National Park. Especially if you are on a Los Angeles to Seattle road trip, you would not want to miss out on the greenery and beautiful peaks after driving long hours. It is arguably the most iconic park near the West Coast.

  1. See Nature’s Marvel at Crater Lake

Known for its purity, its deep water in a sleeping volcano. It is truly nature’s marvel. The deep Crater Lake is known worldwide for its crystal clear water and the beautiful scenic surroundings it has to offer. It is fed by rain and snow and the deepest lake in the US that you must definitely see on your LA to Seattle drive.

  1. Do not miss out on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains and an absolute beauty to visit. It is known for its beaches and ski resorts. It is also surrounded by beautiful forests and people call it one of the crowning jewels of California.

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